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So Far Gone

StreeTPreZ - Information musique

Artist : Drake
Runtime: 1h 13min 49 s
Label: Young Money/Cash Money Records
Release date: 15 Février 2019
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- Lust For Life (2min 56s)
- Houstatlantavegas (4min 50s)
- Successful (6min 15s)
- Let's Call It Off (3min 54s)
- November 18th (3min 8s)
- Ignant Shit (5min 2s)
- A Night Off (3min 13s)
- Say What's Real (3min 50s)
- Little Bit (3min 50s)
- Best I Ever Had (4min 17s)
- Unstoppable (3min 29s)
- Uptown (6min 22s)
- Sooner Than Later (4min 22s)
- Bria's Interlude (2min 19s)
- The Calm (4min 3s)
- Outro (2min 54s)
- Brand New (3min 33s)
- Congratulations (5min 32s)