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StreeTPreZ - Information application

Catégorie : games
Version : 1.13
Appareils compatibles : firefoxos
Critiques Spectateurs : 4.0
Plus d'information sur le site officiel : http://fantasyvengeance.com/forum
Plus d'information sur firefox : https://marketplace.firefox.com/app/fantasyvengeance

StreeTPreZ - Synopsis application

Fantasy Vengeance is an MMORPG for internet capable devices.

The innovation of this game is the great mix of strategical/managerial elements with real time PVP fighting, it is an endless adventure dipped into an amazing fantasy background!

This is in continuous expansion and amazingly represented by eye-catching illustrations that makes Fantasy Vengeance a great artwork.

You will be fascinated by deep soundtracks that led with you through your gameplay experience.

Rise your Kingdom, conquer, defeat your enemies and rise the ranking!

Fantasy Vengeance is your parallel world, always available wherever and whenever you want! Enjoy with our community!