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AoA Flight Assistant

StreeTPreZ - Information application

Catégorie : Navigation
Genre : Navigation, Utilitaires
Nom du paquet : advanceit.aoa.flight.assistant
Version : 1.2
Taille : 519.5
Plus d'information sur itunes : https://apps.apple.com/fr/app/aoa-flight-assistant/id1198651598

StreeTPreZ - Synopsis application

Use your mobile phone or tablet as Angle of Attack indication/warning instrument.

If you are a pilot and your airplane lacks an instrument which shows you airplane's Angle of Attack, but you have a mobile phone with built-in GPS and accelerometer, AoA Flight Assistant is the right app for you.

This application will help you coordinate your flight by indicating and warning you about Angle of Attack during climbs, approaches and straight and level flight. AOA is calculated regarding all relative angles, such as airplane pitch while parked on a runway and during initial calibration and Angle of Incidence, as well as climb/descent path retrieved from GPS module.

Not to be used as replacement for standard instruments, this app can give you very useful - and sometimes important or even life-saving - information about the attitude and actual angle of attack of your airplane.

For more information please visit http://aoa-flight-assistant.dvanceit.siA small update for newer iOS versions.