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Trahie par le passé

StreeTPreZ - Information film

Réalisateur : Monika Mitchell
Acteurs : Sarah Carter, Dan Payne, Teach Grant, Veena Sood
Genre : Thriller
Durée : 1h 50min
Date de sortie : 07 Août 2015
Année de production : 2015
Critiques Spectateurs : 2.6
Plus d'information sur imdb : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3640068/

StreeTPreZ - Synopsis film

An ex-homicide detective and single mom to thirteen year old Brooke, headstrong Sarah Winters, who was let go from the police force one year ago, has just had her first novel published, a crime story titled "Justice in Limbo". While she does have her reader fans, she also has her detractors, who accuse her of using the yet unsolved murder of Derek Saunders - one of her former partner and current boyfriend Barry Trent's lowlife informants - as the basis for her novel. Sarah and Barry's relationship is hitting a rough patch if only because of work pressures as Barry is now police liaison to ambitious career politician Mayor Patricia Harding, who is currently in a tough reelection battle, she behind in the polls. Sarah's detractors also accuse her of using the book as a means to steer the issue away from the reason she was let go from the force, accusations to Internal Affairs of corruption from who she assumed was fellow detective Joan Mueller, the two who have always had an adversarial relationship since they knew each other during their academy days. Mueller now is Police Chief and is personally leading the Saunders case. Things in the case and for Sarah's book start to converge even more with the emergence of new evidence in the case, evidence which exactly matches what Sarah had wrote in her book, leading to suspicions that Sarah was more involved in the murder than she let on while she was a detective on the case. Further evidence emerges concerning Sarah's family history - information of which Sarah only knew half the story - that further implicates her in Saunders' murder. Sarah tries to protect her good name by those who are trying to discredit her - some of those who she is not fully aware - and tries to stay out of jail for Saunders' murder, while the mysterious and scruffy looking man who has been hanging around - putting both her and Brooke's lives potentially in danger - may have some of the key answers as to Saunders' true murderer and the reason why Sarah is in the trouble she is.