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StreeTPreZ - Information film

Réalisateur : Branden Kramer
Acteurs : Ashley Benson, Matt McGorry, Kaili Vernoff, Rebecca Naomi Jones
Genre : Drame, Horreur, Thriller
Durée : 1h 20min
Date de sortie : 12 Février 2016
Année de production : 2015
Critiques Spectateurs : 2.3
Plus d'information sur imdb : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3836512/

StreeTPreZ - Synopsis film

Emma, a graduate student living alone in NYC, is being watched by a stalker who hacks into the technology that surrounds her - laptop, cell phone, and other web connected devices. This obsession continues to grow as the hacker records Emma's most intimate moments. When the thrill of watching isn't enough, the situation escalates to a dangerous and terrifying level.