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Dead Letters (Fan Edition)

StreeTPreZ - Information musique

Artiste : The Rasmus
Durée : 1h 32min 39 s
Label : Playground Music
Date de sortie : 06 Septembre 2019
Plus d'information sur deezer : http://www.deezer.com/album/100179492

Liste des pistes

- First Day of My Life (3min 44s)
- In the Shadows (4min 6s)
- Still Standing (3min 32s)
- In My Life (4min 2s)
- Time to Burn (4min 32s)
- Guilty (3min 46s)
- Not Like the Other Girls (5min 44s)
- The One I Love (3min 16s)
- Back in the Picture (3min 44s)
- Funeral Song (3min 17s)
- Everything You Say (2min 45s)
- What Ever (3min 11s)
- Since You've Been Gone (3min 3s)
- If You Ever (3min 52s)
- Bullet (4min 9s)
- Livin' in a World Without You (3min 50s)
- F-F-F-Falling (3min 52s)
- Night After Night (Out of the Shadows) (3min 44s)
- Sail Away (3min 49s)
- No Fear (4min 7s)
- Lucifer's Angel (4min 1s)
- Dead Promises (3min 39s)
- Liquid (4min 16s)
- Last Waltz (4min 38s)