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Best Of

StreeTPreZ - Information musique

Artiste : The Cardigans
Durée : 2h 37min 1 s
Label : Universal Music Division Mercury Records
Date de sortie : 30 Janvier 2008
Plus d'information sur deezer : http://www.deezer.com/album/102639

Liste des pistes

- Rise & Shine (3min 31s)
- Sick & Tired (3min 27s)
- After All... (2min 57s)
- Carnival (3min 39s)
- Daddy's Car (3min 37s)
- Lovefool (3min 18s)
- Been It (3min 42s)
- Losers (3min 21s)
- War (3min 57s)
- My Favourite Game (3min 40s)
- Erase / Rewind (3min 35s)
- Hanging Around (3min 41s)
- Higher (4min 34s)
- For What It's Worth (4min 18s)
- You're The Storm (3min 55s)
- Live And Learn (4min 16s)
- Communication (4min 29s)
- I Need Some Fine Wine And You, You Need To Be Nicer (3min 34s)
- Don't Blame Your Daughter (Diamonds) (3min 37s)
- Godspell (3min 30s)
- Bonus Track (22s)
- Burning Down The House (3min 39s)
- Pooh Song (3min 13s)
- After All... (Demo '93) (2min 37s)
- I Figured Out (Demo '93) (2min 7s)
- Laika (1min 20s)
- Plain Parade (3min 32s)
- Emmerdale (2min 26s)
- Carnival (Puck Version) (2min 53s)
- Happy Meal I (2min 37s)
- Nasty Sunny Beam (2min 54s)
- Blah Blah Blah (3min 0s)
- Losers (First Try) (3min 16s)
- Country Hell (2min 48s)
- Lovefool (Puck Version) (3min 16s)
- War (First Try) (4min 9s)
- Deuce (3min 36s)
- The Road (6min 51s)
- Hold Me (Mini Version) (36s)
- Hold Me (3min 41s)
- If There Is A Chance (4min 16s)
- For The Boys (3min 38s)
- (If You Were) Less Like Me (4min 5s)
- Slowdown Town (4min 7s)
- Give Me Your Eyes (3min 23s)
- Slow (4min 1s)