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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Season 4 (Original Television Soundtrack)

StreeTPreZ - Information musique

Artiste : Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Cast
Durée : 1h 40min 20 s
Label : Watertower Music
Date de sortie : 01 Août 2019
Plus d'information sur deezer : http://www.deezer.com/album/106210192

Liste des pistes

- What's Your Story (feat. Rachel Bloom) (3min 39s)
- No One Else Is Singing My Song (feat. Rachel Bloom, Vincent Rodriguez III, Scott Michael Foster) (3min 25s)
- Maybe I'm Just Broken (feat. Danny Jolles) (38s)
- Meet Rebecca! (36s)
- Time To Seize The Day (feat. Rachel Bloom) (1min 47s)
- The Cringe (feat. Patton Oswalt) (2min 35s)
- Don't Be A Lawyer (feat. Burl Moseley) (2min 35s)
- Our Twisted Fate (feat. Adam Schlesinger) (1min 38s)
- I Want To Be A Child Star (feat. Luca Padovan) (2min 31s)
- One Indescribable Instant (feat. Rachel Bloom and Luca Padovan) (Reprise) (1min 17s)
- The Group Mind Has Decided You're In Love (3min 42s)
- I've Always Never Believed In You (feat. Donna Lynne Champlin) (3min 28s)
- Trapped In A Car With Someone You Don't Want To Be Trapped In A Car With (3min 18s)
- Farewell, Fair Mustache (feat. Pete Gardner) (1min 1s)
- Forget It (feat. Tovah Feldshuh) (1min 52s)
- How To Clean Up (feat. Pete Gardner) (34s)
- If You Ever Need A Favor In Fifty Years (feat. Tovah Feldshuh & Elayne Boosler) (1min 15s)
- What U Missed While U Were Popular (feat. Danny Jolles) (2min 18s)
- Hello, Nice To Meet You (feat. Rachel Bloom & Skylar Astin) (2min 33s)
- Sports Analogies (feat. Scott Michael Foster & Vincent Rodriguez III) (2min 22s)
- Hello, Nice To Meet You (feat. Rachel Bloom & Skylar Astin) (Reprise #1) (31s)
- Hello, Nice To Meet You (feat. Rachel Bloom) (Reprise #2) (54s)
- Gratuitous Karaoke Moment (feat. Scott Michael Foster & Esther Povitsky) [From Crazy Ex-Girlfriend] [Season 4] (2min 12s)
- I Hate Everything But You (feat. Skylar Astin) (2min 47s)
- I'm Not Sad You're Sad (feat. Rachel Bloom) (1min 33s)
- The Darkness (feat. Rachel Bloom) (2min 36s)
- Anti-Depressants Are So Not A Big Deal (3min 24s)
- End Of The Movie (feat. Rachel Bloom) (Reprise) (1min 23s)
- Let Me Be In Your Show (feat. Rachel Bloom, Michael McMillian, & Gabrielle Ruiz) (39s)
- Etta Mae's Lament (feat. Rachel Bloom) (1min 27s)
- Apple Man (feat. Michael McMillian) (1min 1s)
- The Tick Tock Clock (37s)
- I'm The Bride Of The Pirate King (feat. Gabrielle Ruiz) (1min 32s)
- Etta Mae's Lament (feat. Scott Michael Foster) (Revised) (32s)
- What'll It Be? (feat. Skylar Astin) (Reprise) (1min 2s)
- The Math Of Love Quadrangles (feat. Rachel Bloom, Skylar Astin, Scott Michael Foster, & Vincent Rodriguez III) (1min 2s)
- Slow Motion (feat. Rachel Bloom, Donna Lynne Champlin, Vella Lovell, & Gabrielle Ruiz) (1min 57s)
- Slow Motion (feat. Rachel Bloom, Donna Lynne Champlin, Rachel Grate, Vella Lovell, & Gabrielle Ruiz) (Reprise) (1min 11s)
- JAP Battle (feat. Rachel Bloom & Rachel Grate) (Reprise) (2min 19s)
- Love's Not A Game (3min 15s)
- Love's Not A Game (feat. Rachel Bloom) (59s)
- Eleven O'Clock (feat. Rachel Bloom) (3min 44s)
- West Covina (feat. Rachel Bloom & Donna Lynne Champlin) (Final Reprise) (25s)
- Trapped In A Car (feat. Rachel Bloom & Jack Dolgen) (Room Demo) (3min 17s)
- Eleven O'Clock Super Rough Draft (feat. Rachel Bloom & Jack Dolgen) (Demo) (2min 28s)
- Hello, Nice To Meet You (feat. Rachel Bloom) (Original Demo) (2min 36s)
- Josh Chan Is Single (feat. Rachel Bloom) (Demo) (1min 9s)
- Sports Analogies (feat. Adam Schlesinger) (Demo) (2min 8s)
- Rebecca and Josh (1min 27s)
- Who Am I Inside (39s)
- Now We're Doing a RomCom (1min 54s)
- Rebecca and Paula (48s)
- Uh-oh (30s)
- Double Uh-Oh (58s)
- Now Were Doing Horror (2min 20s)