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James Brown: The Singles Vol.1 The Federal Years 1956-1960

StreeTPreZ - Information musique

Artiste : James Brown
Durée : 1h 45min 16 s
Label : Crazy Warthog Media
Date de sortie : 21 Janvier 2008
Plus d'information sur deezer : http://www.deezer.com/album/10896872

Liste des pistes

- Please, Please, Please (2min 46s)
- Why Do You Do Me (3min 1s)
- I Don't Know (2min 51s)
- I Feel That Old Feeling Coming On (2min 34s)
- No, No, No, No (2min 14s)
- Hold My Baby's Hand (2min 15s)
- I Won't Plead No More (2min 28s)
- Chonnie-On-Chon (2min 15s)
- Just Won't Do Right (2min 35s)
- Let's Make It (2min 28s)
- Gonna Try (2min 46s)
- Can't Be the Same (2min 22s)
- Messing With The Blues (2min 12s)
- Love or a Game (2min 19s)
- You're Mine, You're Mine (2min 32s)
- I Walked Alone (2min 42s)
- That Dood It (2min 32s)
- Baby Cries Over the Ocean (2min 25s)
- Begging, Begging (2min 55s)
- That's When I Lost My Heart (2min 52s)
- Try Me (Demo Version) (2min 29s)
- Try Me (2min 33s)
- Tell Me What I Did Wrong (2min 24s)
- I Want You so Bad (2min 48s)
- There Must Be a Reason (2min 27s)
- I've Got No Change (2min 27s)
- It Hurts to Tell You (2min 54s)
- I've Got to Change (Stereo Version) (2min 27s)
- It Hurts to Tell You (Stereo Version) (2min 54s)
- Doodle Bee (2min 40s)
- Bucket Head (2min 50s)
- It Was You (2min 45s)
- Got to Cry (2min 37s)
- Good Good Lovin' (2min 17s)
- Don't Let It Happen to Me (2min 52s)
- I'll Go Crazy (2min 9s)
- I Know It's True (2min 43s)
- Think (2min 50s)
- You've Got the Power (Duet With Bea Ford) (2min 23s)
- This Old Heart (2min 11s)
- Wonder When You're Coming Home (2min 32s)