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The Singles Volume 3: 1964-1965

StreeTPreZ - Information musique

Artiste : James Brown
Durée : 1h 30min 39 s
Label : Universal Music Division Polydor
Date de sortie : 03 Août 2007
Plus d'information sur deezer : http://www.deezer.com/album/117333

Liste des pistes

- Please Please Please (2min 43s)
- In The Wee Wee Hours (Of The Nite) (2min 39s)
- Again (2min 32s)
- How Long Darling (2min 57s)
- Caldonia (Single Version) (2min 41s)
- Evil (2min 50s)
- The Things That I Used To Do (2min 49s)
- Out Of The Blue (Single) (2min 12s)
- So Long (Single Version) (2min 45s)
- Dancin Little Thing (2min 4s)
- Soul Food Pt. 1 (2min 3s)
- Soul Food Pt. 2 (2min 22s)
- Out Of Sight (Single Version) (2min 22s)
- Maybe The Last Time (Single Version) (2min 58s)
- Tell Me What You're Gonna Do (2min 10s)
- I Don't Care (2min 52s)
- Think (Live At The Apollo Theater/1962/Single Mix) (1min 59s)
- Try Me (Strings Version) (2min 32s)
- Have Mercy Baby (2min 11s)
- Just Won't Do Right (2min 40s)
- Fine Old Foxy Self (2min 8s)
- Medley: I Found Someone/Why Do You Do Me Like You Do/I Want You So Bad (Live At The Apollo Theater/1962/Single Mix) (2min 9s)
- This Old Heart (2min 17s)
- It Was You (Single B-Side Version) (2min 42s)
- Devil's Hideaway (2min 44s)
- Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? (Single Version) (2min 43s)
- I Got You (I Feel Good) (Original 1964 Album) (2min 27s)
- Only You (2min 51s)
- Papa's Got A Brand New Bag (Pt. 1) (2min 6s)
- Papa's Got A Brand New Bag (Part 2) (2min 9s)
- Try Me (Single Version) (3min 7s)
- Papa's Got A Brand New Bag (Single Version 1965) (2min 39s)
- I Got You (I Feel Good) (2min 46s)
- I Can't Help It (I Just Do-Do-Do) (2min 32s)
- Lost Someone (Single 1965) (2min 41s)
- I'll Go Crazy (Single 1965) (2min 17s)