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The Hits Of The Year 1960

StreeTPreZ - Information musique

Artiste : Multi-interprètes
Durée : 2h 8min 53 s
Label : Musictales
Date de sortie : 10 Janvier 2020
Plus d'information sur deezer : http://www.deezer.com/album/125784742

Liste des pistes

- Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini (2min 24s)
- Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool (2min 39s)
- Stuck On You (2min 19s)
- Heartaches By The Number (2min 39s)
- El Paso (4min 21s)
- Tell Laura I Love Her (2min 39s)
- I’m Sorry (2min 39s)
- Shakin’ All Over (2min 21s)
- Milord (4min 33s)
- Theme From „A Summer Place“ (2min 27s)
- Cathy’s Clown (2min 25s)
- Let’s Have A Party (2min 8s)
- It’s Now Or Never (3min 16s)
- Never On Sunday (2min 55s)
- Please Don’t Tease (2min 58s)
- Only The Lonely (Know How I Feel) (2min 24s)
- Robot Man (1min 54s)
- Chain Gang (2min 38s)
- Ramona (2min 33s)
- Walking To New Orleans (2min 0s)
- Walk Don’t Run (2min 4s)
- Why? (2min 27s)
- Reveille Rock (2min 23s)
- Unter dem Doppeladler (2min 26s)
- Running Bear (2min 37s)
- Apache (2min 55s)
- My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own (2min 32s)
- Poetry In Motion (2min 30s)
- Teen Angel (2min 41s)
- Wooden Heart (2min 4s)
- My Girl Josephine (2min 2s)
- Nine Times Out Of Ten (2min 8s)
- Seven Little Girls Sitting In The Back Seat (2min 14s)
- Puppy Love (2min 38s)
- Let’s Think About Living (2min 4s)
- When Will I Be Loved (2min 0s)
- Mama (3min 58s)
- Beatnik Fly (2min 11s)
- Morgen (2min 42s)
- Harbour Lights (2min 48s)
- Cradle Of Love (2min 19s)
- You Got What It Takes (2min 37s)
- Three Steps To Heaven (2min 23s)
- Beyond The Sea (2min 49s)
- Venus-Waltz (3min 4s)
- Save the Last Dance For Me (2min 25s)
- Sweet Nothin’s (2min 24s)
- I Love You (2min 2s)
- Down Yonder (2min 6s)
- Are You Lonesome Tonight? (3min 8s)