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The Hits Of The Year 1955

StreeTPreZ - Information musique

Artiste : Multi-interprètes
Durée : 2h 15min 4 s
Label : Musictales
Date de sortie : 10 Janvier 2020
Plus d'information sur deezer : http://www.deezer.com/album/125841792

Liste des pistes

- (We’re Gonna) Rock Around The Clock (2min 10s)
- The Yellow Rose Of Texas (3min 1s)
- Mambo Italiano (2min 18s)
- Softly, Softly (2min 27s)
- Stranger In Paradise (3min 6s)
- Mister Sandman (2min 37s)
- Rock And Roll Waltz (2min 54s)
- Dreamboat (1min 47s)
- Give Me Your Word (3min 9s)
- Unchained Melody (2min 34s)
- Cool Water (2min 55s)
- Hey There (3min 0s)
- Melody Of Love (2min 54s)
- I’ll Never Stop Loving You (3min 4s)
- Learnin’ The Blues (3min 1s)
- Happy Days And Lonely Nights (2min 41s)
- The Naughty Lady Of Shady Lane (2min 50s)
- Suddenly There’s A Valley (2min 36s)
- I Wonder (2min 39s)
- Tina Marie (2min 33s)
- Under The Bridges Of Paris (2min 47s)
- Mambo Rock (2min 38s)
- My One Sin (2min 58s)
- If Anyone Finds This, I Love You (2min 58s)
- Indian Love Call (3min 10s)
- Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White (3min 3s)
- Love Is A Many Splendored Thing (2min 59s)
- A Blossom Fell (2min 43s)
- Hernando’s Hideaway (2min 32s)
- Ready, Willing And Able (2min 27s)
- Not As A Stranger (2min 45s)
- I’ll Come When You Call (2min 36s)
- Rose Marie (2min 19s)
- If You Believe (3min 3s)
- I Can’t Tell A Waltz From A Tango (2min 26s)
- Christmas Alphabet (2min 6s)
- Skokiaan (South African Song) (2min 15s)
- The Breeze And I (3min 28s)
- Love Me Or Leave Me (2min 17s)
- Shake Rattle And Roll (2min 31s)
- China Doll (2min 53s)
- The Man From Laramie (2min 21s)
- Evermore (2min 26s)
- Close Your Eyes (1min 54s)
- Majorca (2min 56s)
- The Finger Of Suspicion (2min 51s)
- Never Do A Tango With An Eskimo (2min 12s)
- Let Me Go Lover (3min 1s)
- You My Love (2min 56s)
- Moments To Remember (3min 17s)