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StreeTPreZ - Information musique

Artiste : Joel Plaskett
Durée : 2h 37min 18 s
Label : Pheromone Recordings / Fontana North
Date de sortie : 17 Avril 2020
Plus d'information sur deezer : http://www.deezer.com/album/131568142

Liste des pistes

- Collusion (2min 59s)
- Highland Heart (2min 59s)
- Complicated Love (2min 55s)
- Memory Complete Me (3min 57s)
- Beholden (1min 44s)
- Head Over Heels Into Heaven (3min 13s)
- The Song About The Midway (4min 25s)
- Carried Away (2min 53s)
- Matthew Grimson Songs (3min 58s)
- The Right Direction (2min 22s)
- Spinning Out (5min 25s)
- Just Passing Through (5min 2s)
- Hey Stu! (1min 49s)
- The Wizard of Taz (3min 42s)
- Tim (5min 13s)
- Brand New & Brokenhearted (3min 15s)
- Spray Tan (3min 1s)
- Action, Camera, Lights (1min 47s)
- So Many Words (2min 18s)
- Lonely Limbo (3min 40s)
- Blowing A Kiss (4min 0s)
- Catch 22 (2min 28s)
- Renegade (4min 9s)
- Disappear Me (2min 23s)
- At My Door (3min 15s)
- If There's Another Road (3min 51s)
- Charade (3min 37s)
- Kingfisher (4min 30s)
- Dxx (2min 38s)
- I Lost It (3min 57s)
- Just Because (7min 30s)
- Fall Guy (5min 47s)
- Ps & Qs (3min 14s)
- The Window Inn (3min 31s)
- West Cork Blended Irish Whiskey (1min 44s)
- It All Reappears (3min 17s)
- Strange To Be Involved (3min 53s)
- The Bottom (2min 39s)
- Is This Actually On (2min 24s)
- Melt The Universe with Brotherly Love (3min 39s)
- Rock Paper Scissors Meteor (2min 28s)
- Flaming Star (4min 37s)
- There's More Out There In Here (3min 46s)
- A Benefit 4 Dreamland (7min 24s)