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Glenn Miller 1938-39

StreeTPreZ - Information musique

Artiste : Glenn Miller
Durée : 1h 9min 14 s
Label : Editions Audiovisuel Beulah
Date de sortie : 22 Mai 2020
Plus d'information sur deezer : http://www.deezer.com/album/145111182

Liste des pistes

- On the Sentimental Side (3min 21s)
- Don't Wake up My Heart (3min 26s)
- My Best Wishes (2min 39s)
- Moonshine over Kentucky (3min 14s)
- My Reverie (3min 3s)
- By the Waters of Minnetonka (6min 13s)
- King Porter Stomp (3min 29s)
- Shut-eye (2min 40s)
- How I'd Like to Be with You in Bermuda (2min 37s)
- Cuckoo in the Clock (3min 12s)
- Romance Runs in the Family (3min 2s)
- The Chestnut Tree (3min 16s)
- And the Angels Sing (2min 49s)
- Moonlight Serenade (3min 24s)
- The Lady's in Love with You (3min 0s)
- Wishing Will Make It so (2min 51s)
- Three Little Fishes (2min 57s)
- My Last Goodbye (3min 0s)
- But It Didn't Mean a Thing (2min 43s)
- Rendezvous Time in Paree (3min 1s)
- We Can Live on Love (2min 32s)
- Guess I'll Go Back Home (2min 45s)