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Deep House Ibiza Night Summer 2020

StreeTPreZ - Information musique

Artiste : Multi-interprètes
Durée : 1h 34min 52 s
Label : Lugano Like Music
Date de sortie : 09 Juin 2020
Plus d'information sur deezer : http://www.deezer.com/album/152422542

Liste des pistes

- 7 Am (House Btz Mix) (4min 2s)
- Night Club (La Vida Mix) (3min 46s)
- Revolution in My Mind (Heaven's Beats Mix) (3min 26s)
- Here Goes (Marine Mix) (3min 34s)
- Escape in Country (House Light Mix) (3min 34s)
- 2 Black Hands (Manhattan Mix) (5min 48s)
- Everyone at the Party (House Grooves Mix) (3min 42s)
- A Great Program Story (Viper Mix) (3min 32s)
- My Time (Melody Lovers Mix) (3min 34s)
- Revelations (3min 24s)
- The Groove (Deep Waves Mix) (3min 34s)
- Looking for All (Silver X Mix) (3min 31s)
- A Passion to Explain (House Elements Mix) (3min 31s)
- One Second for Me (3min 9s)
- Simple Music (Material Mix) (4min 9s)
- Whish a Wisper (Star of Peace Mix) (3min 38s)
- With Eyes Closed (Mark Dacosta's House Mix) (3min 34s)
- Rotar Explo (Diskologic Mix) (3min 33s)
- The Shoop Song (4min 38s)
- It Is Time to Change (King Boy Mix) (3min 33s)
- Particular Enviromnent (Deep Gamblers Mix) (3min 27s)
- Save My Soul (Manhattan Mix) (3min 32s)
- Imbrobality (Phunkadeep Mix) (5min 44s)
- From Deep to Deep (Capturing Rhythms Mix) (3min 22s)
- Freedom Idea (Basement Guys Mix) (3min 35s)