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The Complete Collection

StreeTPreZ - Information musique

Artiste : Lynyrd Skynyrd
Durée : 3h 45min 39 s
Label : Universal Music Division Barclay
Date de sortie : 17 Octobre 2008
Plus d'information sur deezer : http://www.deezer.com/album/241053

Liste des pistes

- Sweet Home Alabama (4min 43s)
- I Ain't The One (3min 52s)
- Tuesday's Gone (7min 32s)
- Gimme Three Steps (4min 30s)
- Simple Man (5min 57s)
- Call Me The Breeze (5min 7s)
- Workin' For MCA (4min 47s)
- Swamp Music (3min 31s)
- Saturday Night Special (5min 9s)
- All I Can Do Is Write About It (4min 22s)
- Gimme Back My Bullets (3min 28s)
- T For Texas (Blue Yodel No. 1) (Live At The Fox Theater/1976) (8min 43s)
- What's Your Name (3min 31s)
- That Smell (5min 48s)
- Free Bird (9min 10s)
- Don't Ask Me No Questions (3min 24s)
- One More Time (Original Version) (5min 2s)
- Truck Drivin' Man (Demo Version) (5min 15s)
- Mr. Banker (Single Version) (5min 19s)
- The Needle And The Spoon (3min 53s)
- Double Trouble (2min 49s)
- Was I Right Or Wrong (Album Version) (5min 23s)
- Roll Gypsy Roll (2min 50s)
- Searching (3min 17s)
- Crossroads (Live At The Fox Theatre/1976) (4min 16s)
- Whiskey Rock-A-Roller (Live At Fox Theater, Atlanta/1976) (4min 53s)
- I Know A Little (3min 27s)
- I Never Dreamed (5min 20s)
- You Got That Right (3min 47s)
- Free Bird (Live At The Fox Theater/1976) (13min 41s)
- Comin' Home (Album Version) (5min 29s)
- Free Bird (Demo Version) (4min 7s)
- He's Alive (Demo Version) (3min 10s)
- Trust (Original Version) (4min 13s)
- Things Goin' On (4min 59s)
- The Ballad Of Curtis Loew (4min 51s)
- Made In The Shade (4min 40s)
- Four Walls Of Raiford (Album Version) (4min 13s)
- I Ain't The One (Live At The Fox Theater/1976) (3min 47s)
- Simple Man (Live At The Fox Theatre/1976) (6min 53s)
- Call Me The Breeze (Live At The Fox Theater/1976) (5min 41s)
- Georgia Peaches (Album Version) (3min 14s)
- Honky Tonk Night Time Man (4min 3s)
- One More Time (5min 3s)
- Dixie/Sweet Home Alabama (Live At The Omni, Atlanta/1987) (8min 30s)