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StreeTPreZ - Information musique

Artiste : Radiohead
Durée : 2h 5min 4 s
Label : XL Recordings
Date de sortie : 05 Novembre 2021
Plus d'information sur deezer : http://www.deezer.com/album/265569082

Liste des pistes

- Everything In Its Right Place (4min 11s)
- Kid A (4min 44s)
- The National Anthem (5min 51s)
- How to Disappear Completely (5min 56s)
- Treefingers (3min 42s)
- Optimistic (5min 15s)
- In Limbo (3min 31s)
- Idioteque (5min 9s)
- Morning Bell (4min 35s)
- Motion Picture Soundtrack (3min 20s)
- Untitled (52s)
- Packt Like Sardines In a Crushd Tin Box (4min 0s)
- Pyramid Song (4min 48s)
- Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors (4min 7s)
- You And Whose Army? (3min 11s)
- I Might Be Wrong (4min 53s)
- Knives Out (4min 14s)
- Morning Bell/Amnesiac (3min 14s)
- Dollars and Cents (4min 51s)
- Hunting Bears (2min 1s)
- Like Spinning Plates (3min 57s)
- Life In a Glasshouse (4min 36s)
- Like Spinning Plates ('Why Us?' Version) (5min 4s)
- Untitled v1 (1min 48s)
- Fog (Again Again Version) (2min 25s)
- If You Say the Word (4min 20s)
- Follow Me Around (5min 19s)
- Pulk/Pull (True Love Waits Version) (2min 46s)
- Untitled v2 (46s)
- The Morning Bell (In the Dark Version) (2min 0s)
- Pyramid Strings (1min 18s)
- Alt. Fast Track (1min 32s)
- Untitled v3 (1min 16s)
- How to Disappear into Strings (5min 32s)