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Since You Been Gone (The Essential Rainbow)

StreeTPreZ - Information musique

Artiste : Rainbow
Durée : 3h 39min 45 s
Label : UMC (Universal Music Catalogue)
Date de sortie : 16 Juin 2017
Plus d'information sur deezer : http://www.deezer.com/album/42892171

Liste des pistes

- Stargazer (8min 22s)
- Man On The Silver Mountain (4min 33s)
- All Night Long (3min 47s)
- Lost In Hollywood (4min 50s)
- I Surrender (4min 0s)
- Death Alley Driver (4min 40s)
- Street Of Dreams (4min 22s)
- Can't Let You Go (4min 17s)
- Run With The Wolf (3min 42s)
- Bad Girl (4min 48s)
- Jealous Lover (3min 10s)
- Power (4min 31s)
- Mistreated (Live) (13min 6s)
- Gates Of Babylon (6min 46s)
- Long Live Rock 'N' Roll (4min 23s)
- The Temple Of The King (4min 42s)
- The Shed (4min 45s)
- Since You Been Gone (3min 17s)
- Stone Cold (5min 17s)
- L.A. Connection (3min 42s)
- Difficult To Cure (5min 57s)
- Black Sheep Of The Family (3min 18s)
- Spotlight Kid (4min 53s)
- A Light In The Black (8min 13s)
- Freedom Fighter (4min 21s)
- Ain’t A Lot Of Love In The Heart Of Me (Alternative Outtake) (5min 22s)
- Lady Of The Lake (3min 37s)
- Sixteenth Century Greensleeves (3min 29s)
- Eyes Of The World (6min 38s)
- Rainbow Eyes (7min 32s)
- Danger Zone (4min 27s)
- Make Your Move (5min 25s)
- Vielleicht Das Nachster Mal (3min 17s)
- Rock Fever (3min 50s)
- No Time To Lose (3min 41s)
- Drinking With The Devil (3min 43s)
- Sensitive To Light (3min 1s)
- Snowman (4min 32s)
- Snake Charmer (4min 30s)
- Midtown Tunnel Vision (4min 33s)
- Still I'm Sad (3min 53s)
- Desperate Heart (4min 35s)
- Magic (4min 7s)
- Weiss Heim (5min 13s)
- Catch The Rainbow (6min 38s)