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StreeTPreZ - Information musique

Artiste : Two Steps from Hell
Durée : 1h 24min 59 s
Label : Two Steps from Hell
Date de sortie : 25 Septembre 2012
Plus d'information sur deezer : http://www.deezer.com/album/5853211

Liste des pistes

- Possessed Gramophone (48s)
- Cannibal (2min 20s)
- 72 Virgins (1min 50s)
- Swing-Set Murders (1min 45s)
- Moving Shadows (1min 40s)
- Photos in Darkness (2min 24s)
- Cemetery Waltz (1min 9s)
- To Die On Halloween (feat. Nick Phoenix) (3min 12s)
- This Is Oh My Dear (feat. Monica Barta) (2min 40s)
- Welcome to Widow Woods (1min 7s)
- Helevator (2min 9s)
- Ashes (2min 14s)
- Something Wicked Lurks (1min 12s)
- Come What May (1min 10s)
- Hunter's Moon (50s)
- Green Hill Massacre (1min 37s)
- Ghostly Presence (59s)
- Bottomless Pit of Torment (23s)
- Crawlspace (48s)
- Exhumed (2min 45s)
- Jocelyn Janson (1min 45s)
- Evil (1min 9s)
- Crossword Killer (1min 57s)
- Mmm Chicken (1min 12s)
- Diabolic Clockwork (1min 46s)
- Take Me to Hell (2min 17s)
- Deck the Halls With Blood (feat. Monica Barta) (2min 10s)
- Burn Baby (1min 30s)
- Death Came Early That Year (59s)
- Madnophone (1min 37s)
- Power of Darkness (2min 51s)
- Shed My Skin (3min 47s)
- She Rises (1min 23s)
- Decimator (1min 54s)
- Stumpy (2min 17s)
- Calamity (1min 41s)
- Flashes of Terror (1min 29s)
- It Lives (1min 36s)
- Pane of Darkness (1min 18s)
- Twisted Children (1min 23s)
- Rising Darkness (1min 50s)
- Black Assassin (2min 21s)
- Raven Hill (1min 35s)
- Red Omen (1min 26s)
- Zombie Train (2min 20s)
- Split Personality (1min 32s)
- Waltz of the Willows (1min 59s)
- Otherworld (2min 53s)