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Spare Ass Annie And Other Tales

StreeTPreZ - Information musique

Artiste : William S. Burroughs
Durée : 47min 39s
Label : Island Records
Date de sortie : 28 Février 2008
Plus d'information sur deezer : http://www.deezer.com/album/6299461

Liste des pistes

- Interlude 1 (Wrinkled Earlobes Are A Sign Of Impending Heart Attacks) (23s)
- Spare Ass Annie (4min 29s)
- Interlude 2 (This Is Insane) (19s)
- The Last Words Of Dutch Schultz (This Is Insane) (2min 22s)
- Interlude 3 (The Vultures Are Gone And Will Never Come Back) (16s)
- Mildred Pierce Reporting 2 (Old Sarge) (2min 5s)
- Dr Benway Operates (2min 44s)
- Warning To Young Couples (Huntsmen's Hounds) (2min 13s)
- Did I Ever Tell You About The Man Who Taught His Asshole To Talk? (6min 18s)
- Last Words With Ras I. Zulu (1min 2s)
- A One God Universe (3min 32s)
- Interlude 4 (Fletch Is Here) (35s)
- The Junky's Christmas (15min 53s)
- Words Of Advice For Young People (4min 41s)
- Last Words With Michael Franti (47s)