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Are You Gonna Go My Way (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)

StreeTPreZ - Information musique

Artiste : Lenny Kravitz
Durée : 2h 29min 5 s
Label : Universal Music Division Capitol Music France
Date de sortie : 20 Septembre 2013
Plus d'information sur deezer : http://www.deezer.com/album/6917074

Liste des pistes

- Are You Gonna Go My Way (3min 32s)
- Believe (4min 54s)
- Come On And Love Me (3min 54s)
- Heaven Help (3min 11s)
- Just Be A Woman (3min 48s)
- Is There Any Love In Your Heart (3min 40s)
- Black Girl (3min 44s)
- My Love (3min 53s)
- Sugar (3min 58s)
- Sister (7min 4s)
- Eleutheria (4min 50s)
- Spinning Around Over You (3min 35s)
- Ascension (3min 44s)
- All My Life (6min 25s)
- Brother (4min 18s)
- Someone Like You (4min 15s)
- For The First Time (3min 41s)
- B-Side Blues (3min 32s)
- Believe (Acoustic Version) (4min 7s)
- Sister (Acoustic Version) (6min 7s)
- Heaven Help (Acoustic Version) (3min 58s)
- Work Like The Devil (4min 46s)
- Feeling Alright (Instrumental) (3min 49s)
- Getting Out (Will You Marry Me) (4min 16s)
- Good Lovin' (3min 34s)
- Blood/Papa (A Long And Sad Goodbye) (Instrumental) (10min 59s)
- Early Morning Blues (Instrumental) (4min 33s)
- I May Not Be A Star (Light Piece For Vanessa) (4min 43s)
- Travelogue (Your Love Has Got A Handle On My Mind) (4min 21s)
- Lonely Rainbows (2min 26s)
- Lenny Kravitz Interviewed By Mick Wilkojc For Steve Wright In The Afternoon On BBC Radio 1 (15min 28s)