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Steppin' Out: The Very Best Of Joe Jackson

StreeTPreZ - Information musique

Artiste : Joe Jackson
Durée : 2h 34min 55 s
Label : A&M
Date de sortie : 22 Mai 2001
Plus d'information sur deezer : http://www.deezer.com/album/72496782

Liste des pistes

- Is She Really Going Out With Him? (3min 35s)
- Sunday Papers (4min 21s)
- One More Time (3min 17s)
- Got The Time (2min 53s)
- Look Sharp! (3min 22s)
- Fools In Love (4min 23s)
- On Your Radio (4min 0s)
- It's Different For Girls (3min 42s)
- I'm The Man (3min 58s)
- Friday (3min 36s)
- Don't Wanna Be Like That (3min 45s)
- The Harder They Come (3min 54s)
- Enough Is Not Enough (3min 7s)
- Beat Crazy (4min 15s)
- One To One (3min 22s)
- Biology (4min 32s)
- Someone Up There (3min 47s)
- Jumpin' Jive (Remastered) (2min 42s)
- Real Men (4min 4s)
- A Slow Song (7min 3s)
- Another World (4min 0s)
- Steppin' Out (4min 21s)
- Breaking Us In Two (4min 52s)
- Memphis (4min 0s)
- You Can't Get What You Want (Till You Know What You Want) (4min 52s)
- Happy Ending (3min 39s)
- Be My Number Two (4min 21s)
- Right And Wrong (Live At The Roundabout Theatre, New York City/1986) (4min 35s)
- Home Town (Live At The Roundabout Theatre, New York City/1986) (3min 11s)
- Precious Time (Live At The Roundabout Theatre, New York City/1986) (3min 23s)
- Down To London (4min 16s)
- Me And You (Against The World) (3min 50s)
- Rant And Rave (4min 47s)
- Nineteen Forever (5min 43s)
- Obvious Song (4min 12s)
- Stranger Than Fiction (3min 42s)
- The Man Who Wrote Danny Boy (5min 16s)
- Stranger Than You (4min 17s)