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Marvin Gaye, The Soul Legend

StreeTPreZ - Information musique

Artiste : Marvin Gaye
Durée : 2h 21min 38 s
Label : Wagram Music
Date de sortie : 17 Mars 2014
Plus d'information sur deezer : http://www.deezer.com/album/7473573

Liste des pistes

- That Stubborn Kinda' Fellow (2min 45s)
- Sandman (2min 34s)
- The Masquerade Is Over (5min 11s)
- My Funny Valentine (3min 31s)
- Witchcraft (2min 27s)
- Easy Living (3min 6s)
- How Deep Is the Ocean (3min 11s)
- Love for Sale (2min 56s)
- Always (3min 1s)
- How High the Moon (2min 31s)
- Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide (3min 4s)
- Never Let You Go (2min 44s)
- You Don't Know What Love Is (3min 56s)
- Got to Get My Hands on Some Lovin' (2min 28s)
- Hello There Angel (2min 44s)
- Hitch Hike (2min 32s)
- I'm Yours You're Mine (1min 57s)
- It Hurts Me Too (2min 43s)
- Pride and Joy (2min 35s)
- Soldier's Please (2min 45s)
- Taking My Time (2min 29s)
- Whatever I Lay My Hat (2min 11s)
- Got to Give It Up (Live in Miami 1981) (8min 50s)
- After the Dance (Live in Miami 1981) (5min 55s)
- Come Get to This (Live in Miami 1981) (3min 28s)
- Let's Get It on (Live in Miami 1981) (6min 29s)
- After the Dance (Interlude) [Live in Miami 1981] (1min 19s)
- If This World Were Mine (Live in Miami 1981) (5min 44s)
- Ain't No Mountain High Enough (Live in Miami 1981) (1min 55s)
- How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) [Live in Miami 1981] (4min 50s)
- I Want You (Live in Miami 1981) (4min 30s)
- Inner City Blues (Live in Miami 1981) (5min 9s)
- Sexual Healing (American Tour Live) (5min 8s)
- What's Going on (American Tour Live) (4min 0s)
- I Heard It Through the Grapevine (American Tour Live) (3min 55s)
- Distant Lover (American Tour Live) (5min 14s)
- God Is Love (American Tour Live) (2min 18s)
- Rockin' After Midnight (American Tour Live) (5min 4s)
- Joy (American Tour Live) (4min 29s)