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Rock The Night - The Very Best Of Europe

StreeTPreZ - Information musique

Artiste : Europe
Durée : 2h 20min 46 s
Label : Epic
Date de sortie : 01 Mars 2004
Plus d'information sur deezer : http://www.deezer.com/album/77691

Liste des pistes

- Rock the Night (4min 4s)
- Superstitious (4min 34s)
- I'll Cry For You (Acoustic Version) (3min 59s)
- Cherokee (4min 10s)
- Stormwind (4min 29s)
- Sweet Love Child (Previously Unreleased) (4min 56s)
- In The Future To Come (5min 1s)
- Here Comes The Night (Outtake from "Prisoners In Paradise" session) (4min 26s)
- Sign of the Times (4min 14s)
- Dreamer (4min 27s)
- Seventh Sign (4min 41s)
- Yesterday's News (Previously Unreleased) (5min 26s)
- Got Your Mind In The Gutter (4min 59s)
- Ready or Not (4min 5s)
- Aphasia (2min 30s)
- Time Has Come (Live Version) (4min 31s)
- The Final Countdown (5min 9s)
- Halfway to Heaven (4min 7s)
- Open Your Heart (4min 4s)
- A Long Time Comin' (Single Version) (3min 55s)
- Government Man (Outtake from "Prisoners in Paradise" session) (3min 37s)
- Carrie (4min 30s)
- Seven Doors Hotel (5min 3s)
- Girl From Lebanon (4min 21s)
- The King Will Return (5min 34s)
- More Than Meets the Eye (3min 21s)
- Prisoners In Paradise (5min 34s)
- Wings of Tomorrow (3min 58s)
- On Broken Wings (3min 44s)
- Scream of Anger (4min 5s)
- Heart of Stone (3min 47s)
- Let The Good Times Rock (Live Version) (5min 25s)