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Val Doonican - the Gold Collection

StreeTPreZ - Information musique

Artiste : Val Doonican
Durée : 2h 51min 17 s
Label : Crimson
Date de sortie : 11 Janvier 2019
Plus d'information sur deezer : http://www.deezer.com/album/81330992

Liste des pistes

- Walk Tall (2min 36s)
- Elusive Butterfly (2min 42s)
- Song Sung Blue (2min 29s)
- All My Loving (2min 35s)
- Memories Are Made of This (2min 38s)
- The Special Years (2min 38s)
- You're the Only One (2min 37s)
- It's Impossible (2min 30s)
- The Folks Who Live on the Hill (2min 48s)
- Daughter (3min 8s)
- Mysterious People (2min 43s)
- Maggie (3min 17s)
- When You Were Sweet Sixteen (4min 6s)
- A Bunch of Thyme (3min 44s)
- I'm Just a Country Boy (3min 12s)
- Paddy Mcginty's Goat (2min 32s)
- The Marvellous Toy (3min 7s)
- The Streets of London (3min 19s)
- The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (3min 14s)
- Three Times a Lady (4min 14s)
- 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy) (2min 5s)
- If I Were a Carpenter (2min 19s)
- I Love You Because (2min 30s)
- Green Green Grass of Home (3min 20s)
- If the Whole World Stopped Loving (2min 35s)
- If I Knew Then What I Know Now (2min 15s)
- A Man Chases a Girl (Until She Catches Him) (3min 8s)
- Now (2min 41s)
- What Would I Be (2min 36s)
- Two Streets (2min 20s)
- I'm Gonna Get There Somehow (2min 6s)
- Me and the Elephant (3min 13s)
- Ann (1min 57s)
- A Groovy Kind of Love (2min 27s)
- Hello (3min 7s)
- Wind Beneath My Wings (3min 43s)
- You Needed Me (3min 17s)
- Durham Town (The Leaving) (2min 47s)
- Time in a Bottle (2min 46s)
- Stranger on the Shore (3min 5s)
- Yesterday (2min 33s)
- Portrait of My Love (3min 8s)
- The Windmills of Your Mind (2min 24s)
- You Were Always on My Mind (4min 2s)
- King of the Road (2min 8s)
- A Thing Called Love (2min 11s)
- Heaven Is My Woman's Love (3min 2s)
- Walk Right Back (2min 24s)
- He'll Have to Go (2min 52s)
- For the Good Times (3min 34s)
- Morning (2min 47s)
- Ring of Bright Water (3min 1s)
- Scarborough Fair (2min 23s)
- Scarlet Ribbons (3min 30s)
- The Sun Always Shines (When You're Young) (2min 54s)
- Laughter in the Rain (3min 30s)
- Katy (2min 20s)
- Delaney's Donkey (2min 47s)
- Englebert the Elephant (2min 39s)
- O'rafferty's Motor Car (2min 42s)