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Les Plus Grands Tubes New Wave

StreeTPreZ - Information musique

Artiste : Various Artists
Durée : 3h 54min 45 s
Label : Universal Music Division MCA
Date de sortie : 18 Août 2014
Plus d'information sur deezer : http://www.deezer.com/album/8435758

Liste des pistes

- Video Killed The Radio Star (4min 10s)
- Fade To Grey (3min 47s)
- The Reflex (2010 Remaster) (5min 27s)
- Come On Eileen (4min 33s)
- Wot (3min 15s)
- Lost Weekend (3min 13s)
- Lessons In Love (4min 0s)
- My Ever Changing Moods (3min 36s)
- There She Goes (2min 42s)
- Typical Girls (3min 57s)
- Looking For Clues (4min 53s)
- Flash In The Night (3min 46s)
- I Pray (3min 49s)
- Sit Down (4min 4s)
- The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan (4min 9s)
- Don't You (Forget About Me) (2001 Remastered) (4min 20s)
- Tainted Love (2min 38s)
- Life's What You Make It (1997 Remaster) (4min 26s)
- Shout (6min 30s)
- High On Emotion (4min 21s)
- Shout To The Top (Full Version) (4min 12s)
- The Look Of Love (Pt. 1) (3min 28s)
- Da Da Da ich lieb dich nicht du liebst mich nicht aha aha aha (3min 18s)
- It's Different For Girls (3min 42s)
- Again (4min 40s)
- Wonderful Life (4min 47s)
- Addicted To Love (Remix) (4min 24s)
- Paris By Night (4min 25s)
- This Is The World Calling (4min 23s)
- Happy Together (2min 49s)
- Don't You Want Me (3min 57s)
- Johnny And Mary (3min 58s)
- Town Called Malice (2min 52s)
- It's My Life (1997 Remaster) (3min 51s)
- Steppin' Out (4min 14s)
- Torch (7" Single Version) (4min 6s)
- Dance Hall Days (3min 53s)
- In A Big Country (4min 41s)
- This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us (3min 1s)
- Running In The Family (3min 56s)
- Square Rooms (3min 39s)
- Bow Down (3min 0s)
- Moon Over Moscow (4min 2s)
- I'm Not In Love (Edit) (3min 44s)
- I Don't Like Mondays (4min 16s)
- Everybody Wants To Rule The World (4min 5s)
- Alive And Kicking (Remastered 2002) (5min 24s)
- Luka (3min 50s)
- Together In Electric Dreams (Remastered 2003) (3min 51s)
- I Don't Know Why I Love You (3min 27s)
- Quiet Men (Full Version) (3min 55s)
- Up The Junction (3min 6s)
- My Bag (3min 56s)
- Beat Surrender (3min 23s)
- Ask The Lord (4min 5s)
- Son Of A Gun (1min 55s)
- Ping Pong Affair (4min 13s)
- I Think We're Alone Now (3min 43s)
- Treason (3min 2s)
- Long Hot Summer (Single Edit) (3min 56s)