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Miss Rhythm: Greatest Hits And More

StreeTPreZ - Information musique

Artiste : Ruth Brown
Durée : 1h 48min 54 s
Label : Rhino Atlantic
Date de sortie : 29 Mars 2005
Plus d'information sur deezer : http://www.deezer.com/album/87719

Liste des pistes

- So Long (2min 41s)
- Hey Pretty Baby (2min 38s)
- I'll Get Along Somehow (2min 35s)
- I'll Come Back Someday (Single Version) (3min 9s)
- Sentimental Journey (2min 38s)
- R.B. Blues (Single Version) (2min 39s)
- Teardrops from My Eyes (2min 50s)
- Standin' on the Corner (Single Version) (3min 13s)
- I'll Wait for You (2min 36s)
- I Know (Single Version) (2min 49s)
- Don't Cry (3min 6s)
- The Shrine of St. Cecilia (3min 0s)
- It's All for You (2min 45s)
- Shine On (Bright Moon Shine On) (2min 51s)
- Be Anything (3min 6s)
- 5-10-15 Hours (3min 11s)
- Have a Good Time (3min 18s)
- Daddy Daddy (2min 51s)
- Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean (2min 53s)
- Wild Wild Young Men (2min 31s)
- Ever Since My Baby's Been Gone (2min 46s)
- Love Contest (2min 59s)
- Oh What a Dream (2min 53s)
- Old Man River (2min 16s)
- Somebody Touched Me (2min 27s)
- Mambo Baby (2min 40s)
- I Can See Everybody's Baby (3min 0s)
- As Long as I'm Moving (2min 45s)
- It's Love Baby (24 Hours of the Day) (2min 44s)
- I Gotta Have You (2min 17s)
- Love Has Joined Us Together (2min 58s)
- I Want to Do More (2min 52s)
- Lucky Lips (2min 6s)
- One More Time (2min 41s)
- This Little Girl's Gone Rockin' (1min 48s)
- Why Me (2min 25s)
- I Can't Hear a Word You Say (2min 30s)
- I Don't Know (2min 53s)
- Takin' Care of Business (2min 19s)
- Don't Deceive Me (Single Version) (2min 15s)