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The Complete Releases 1951-58

StreeTPreZ - Information musique

Artiste : Guitar Slim
Durée : 1h 13min 19 s
Date de sortie : 05 Avril 2019
Plus d'information sur deezer : http://www.deezer.com/album/87901192

Liste des pistes

- Bad Luck Is On Me (Woman Troubles) (2min 13s)
- New Arrival (2min 32s)
- Standin' At The Station (Lyin' Woman) (2min 43s)
- Cryin' In The Morning (2min 10s)
- Feelin' Sad (2min 33s)
- Certainly All (2min 10s)
- The Things That I Used To Do (3min 0s)
- Well, I Done Got Over It (2min 27s)
- The Story Of My Life (3min 0s)
- A Letter To My Girlfriend (2min 9s)
- Later For You Baby (2min 21s)
- Trouble Don't Last (3min 3s)
- Sufferin' Mind (2min 29s)
- Twenty-Five Lies (2min 14s)
- Stand By Me (2min 14s)
- Our Only Child (2min 6s)
- I Got Sumpin' For You (2min 21s)
- You're Gonna Miss Me (2min 52s)
- Think It Over (2min 29s)
- Quicksand (2min 23s)
- You Give Me Nothin' But The Blues (2min 17s)
- Sum'thin' To Remember You By (2min 44s)
- Down Through The Years (2min 24s)
- Oh Yeah (2min 18s)
- If I Should Lose You (2min 25s)
- It Hurts To Love Someone (That Don't Love You) (2min 40s)
- I Won't Mind At All (2min 40s)
- Hello, How Ya' Been, Goodbye (2min 22s)
- When There's No Way Out (2min 1s)
- If I Had My Life To Live Over (1min 59s)