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GOLD: Smokie Greatest Hits (40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition 1975-2015)

StreeTPreZ - Information musique

Artiste : Smokie
Durée : 2h 46min 38 s
Label : Sony Music Catalog
Date de sortie : 27 Mars 2015
Plus d'information sur deezer : http://www.deezer.com/album/9771056

Liste des pistes

- If You Think You Know How to Love Me (Jay Frog & Amfree Mix) (5min 13s)
- Lay Back in the Arms of Someone (4min 4s)
- For a Few Dollars More (3min 32s)
- Something's Been Making Me Blue (2min 59s)
- San Francisco Bay (3min 14s)
- Sally's Song (The Legacy Goes On) (3min 50s)
- Don't Play That Game with Me (4min 0s)
- Can't Cry Hard Enough (Re-Recording) (4min 2s)
- Run to Me (4min 9s)
- What Can I Do (3min 36s)
- Changing All the Time (3min 21s)
- Don't Play Your Rock 'N' Roll to Me (3min 17s)
- Wild Wild Angels (3min 55s)
- Pass It Around (3min 5s)
- Light of Love (Mono) (2min 40s)
- I'll Meet You at Midnight (Live) (3min 31s)
- Looking Daggers (3min 44s)
- The Book (3min 37s)
- Steppin' on Seashells (4min 28s)
- Closer to the Candle (4min 31s)
- Jealous Heart (Blame It on My) (4min 8s)
- At the End of the Rainbow (4min 36s)
- Babe It's Up to You (3min 42s)
- It's Your Life (3min 32s)
- Oh Carol (3min 39s)
- Baby It's You (3min 49s)
- Living Next Door to Alice (3min 27s)
- Rock 'N' Roll Rodeo (4min 29s)
- In the Middle of a Lonely Dream (4min 1s)
- Where Sorry's Not Enough (4min 28s)
- Do to Me (3min 17s)
- If You Think You Know How to Love Me (3min 24s)
- Boulevard of Broken Dreams (4min 28s)
- You're so Different Tonight (3min 32s)
- She Rides Wild Horses (3min 26s)
- Mexican Girl (3min 57s)
- Needles and Pins (2min 43s)
- Lindy Lou (Mono) (2min 15s)
- Petesey's Song (2min 49s)
- Tis Me (2min 50s)
- You Don't Care (3min 17s)
- A Cry in the Night (3min 56s)
- Amazing (3min 52s)
- Desperate Measures (Acoustic Version) (4min 10s)
- Forty Years On (4min 3s)