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At Last - The Lost Radio Recordings

StreeTPreZ - Information musique

Artiste : Peggy Lee
Durée : 1h 32min 32 s
Label : Real Gone Music
Date de sortie : 10 Mars 2015
Plus d'information sur deezer : http://www.deezer.com/album/9798740

Liste des pistes

- Peggy Lee Radio Show Opening (22s)
- It’s a Most Unusual Day (1min 22s)
- I’ll See You In My Dreams (2min 0s)
- Getting to Know You (2min 29s)
- Cry (2min 10s)
- You Belong to Me (2min 19s)
- Takes Two to Tango (1min 48s)
- Solitaire (2min 48s)
- Did Anyone Call? (2min 28s)
- Please Mr. Sun (2min 24s)
- The Wheel of Fortune (2min 3s)
- Life is a Beautiful Thing (1min 25s)
- Somewhere Along the Way (2min 24s)
- And So to Sleep Again (2min 14s)
- Undecided (2min 26s)
- Everything Happens to Me (2min 29s)
- A Kiss to Build a Dream On (2min 25s)
- Botch a Me (1min 30s)
- My Darling, My Darling (1min 22s)
- Just One More Chance (2min 24s)
- Since My Love Has Gone (2min 44s)
- Zing a Little Zong (1min 14s)
- Skylark (2min 1s)
- I Got Rhythm (1min 53s)
- Pretty Eyed Baby (2min 33s)
- Ole Buttermilk Sky (1min 34s)
- Little White Could That Cried (2min 30s)
- When I Fall In Love (2min 12s)
- Come What May (2min 0s)
- Johnny One Note (1min 38s)
- Singin’ In the Rain (2min 3s)
- Come On-a My House (2min 5s)
- Here In My Heart (1min 43s)
- Danny Boy (2min 20s)
- Half As Much (1min 54s)
- Go, Go, Go (2min 1s)
- I'll Never Smile Again (1min 42s)
- After All, It’s Spring (2min 29s)
- Trust In Me (2min 49s)
- Blacksmith Blues (1min 36s)
- Domino (3min 7s)
- Heigh Ho (It’s Off to Work We Go) (1min 20s)
- Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be? (1min 58s)
- I’m Gonna Live Till I Die (1min 18s)
- At Last (2min 56s)