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Mother (TR)

StreeTPreZ - Information serie

Statut : Ended
Acteurs : Berkay Ateş, Ahsen Eroğlu, Serhat Teoman, Umur Yiğit Vanlı, Can Nergis, Vahide Perçin, Gonca Vuslateri, Gülenay Kalkan, Beren Gökyıldız, Alize Gördüm, Cansu Dere
Genre : Drama
Durée : 120
Année de commencement : 2016-10-25
Plus d'information sur thetvdb : http://thetvdb.com/?tab=series&id=319223

StreeTPreZ - Synopsis serie

Zeynep is a photographer, joins a school for one day to substitute a teacher. she notices the weird actions of one of the students. she goes deeper info her story and finds out that melek is getting abused by her mother and stepfather, So to save a child's life she kidnaped her and gave her a new life and a new name.